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I often get requests for romance recommendations, so I thought the Friday before a holiday weekend would be a good time to list some of my favorite romance authors.

In no particular order:

  • Joanna Bourne: French Revolution and Napoleonic Era tales of espionage featuring some of the most badass heroines you’re ever going to read, and all with an achingly eloquent voice
  • Meredith Duran: has branched out from Victorian-era stories into the early 18th century and an upcoming Regency novel; again the voice and depth of characterization always leave me consumed with envy
  • Julie Anne Long: Regency-era romance that’s beautifully and intelligently written; an auto-buy
  • Tessa Dare: witty Regency romance that doesn’t sacrifice humor for depth, and also  wonderfully written
  • Shana Abé: historical paranormal and Medieval romance that’s lush and poetic
  • Courtney Milan: mid-19th century romance that doesn’t shy away from complex characterizations or social issues
  • Judith Ivory/Judy Cuevas: it’s been a long while since she’s published a new book, but her historical romances were revelatory to me; until I’d read Ivory, I had no idea that romance could be intellectual, ambiguous, profound and beautiful; you’ll have to track her backlist down, especially the books written as Judy Cuevas
  • Carrie Lofty: historical romance (and also erotic romance written with Lorelie Brown under the name Katie Porter) that also isn’t afraid of complex characterization and knows its way around eloquent language
  • Victoria Dahl: contemporary and historical romance that feature sexually empowered heroines (who occasionally exclaim, “Balls!”)
  • Sherry Thomas: Late Victorian romance that sensitively explores second chances, misunderstandings, and the difficult work of making a relationship function

Also, if you’re on the lookout for erotic romance, I strongly recommend:

Now I realize I’ve named just a few authors, and if I didn’t mention you, please don’t take offense! I have a lot of authors on my keeper shelves, but these are among my very favorites.

Leave a comment with your recommended authors, and you could win an autographed copy of WARRIOR!  I’ll pick a winner by Wednesday, October 10.





Zoë Recommends — 9 Comments

  1. Ooh, I love Judith Ivory’s books! However, I personally have to recommend:

    Jeaniene Frost: paranormal
    Darynda Jones: kick-ass heroine who happens to be the grim reaper
    Amber Benson: paranormal
    Annette Blair: Her paranormal romances are wonderful, as is her mystery series (one of few series where I get the books on release day)

    • Thanks for those recs, Isis! I realized that I didn’t really have any paranormal books on my list, so I’m glad you’ve offered your favorites. 🙂

  2. Oh, Laurann Dohner and her New Species is also an autobuy, and if we´re talking Steampunk, i love Delilah S Dawson and her bludbunnies =) or Meljean Brook and her Iron Seas, the latest installment was on Island. Oh, and i can´t wait for Iced from Karen Marie Moning. Oh, and Sydney Croft´s ACRO series? *hmmm* Love all your rec´s. Did i mention Lisa Kleypas? =)
    Can you tell i´m a bookoholic? Oh, Kim Harrison, Karen Chance, Vicki Pettersson and Kresley Cole. Love her Immortals After Dark, she somehow always manages a HEA even if everything can seem pitchblack *happy sigh*

    best wishes, Linda xo

    • That’s a great list, Linda! I know my TBR pile will be growing!
      Kresley Cole’s IAD series is totally addicting, and it isamazing that she can make a seemingly impossible situation work out.