Shiny! And thoughts on Parks & Recreation (yes, I’m late to the party)

This has been long in the works, but we’ve finally not a new and website up and running! Big ups to Nico for designing the site and getting it up on its feet.

Anyway, in addition to working on the blog and writing, we signed up for Amazon Prime so we could watch instant videos. After years of hearing about the awesomeness that is Parks & Recreation, we’ve been tearing through the seasons like ripping into a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. I don’t watch a lot of movies or watch scripted t.v. shows because I like to keep my mind clear of other people’s narratives (I even stop reading every now and then just to give my brain a rest), but this show has really charmed me in a lot of ways.

It’s definitely funny—the performances are great, as is the writing, and the direction is spot-on—and Leslie Knope’s feminism to delightful to see, but what I really enjoy most about the show is how much heart it has. I really don’t like being emotionally manipulated, or overly schmaltzy sentiment, but it’s kind of refreshing to see characters who are actually sincere, positive, and hopeful.  And to see them succeed.  We’re inundated with skepticism and irony, so to see even the most outwardly cynical characters—like Ron and April—show that they are capable of excitement and love gives me my own sense of hope.  And with our current political and social climate, that’s hard to come by.

Do you have a television show or film that gives you a sense of hope?




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