Sexy sneak peek of Sinner’s Heart

With SINNER’S HEART coming out in less than a week, I thought I’d give everyone a sneak peak that’s pretty spicy. It’s still relatively SFW, because I don’t want anyone to miss a moment, even if they’re at work or out in public.

Without further ado…


“Lie down.”  His throat was revealed as his neckcloth joined the coat upon the floor.  The angry line of his scar ran beside the fast beat of his pulse.

Using more concentration, she stretched out on the bed.  It felt odd, mimicking of a quotidian action.  How long had it been since she had lain upon a bed—both for sleep and for sex?  Her memories were both too vivid and shrouded in lost time.

His gaze still holding hers, Bram pulled off his boots.  The movement tugged his fine shirt tight along his shoulders, his arms, the supple doeskin of his breeches snug along his thighs and the thick outline of his arousal.

He prowled to the bed, then stretched out long beside her.  The ropes beneath the mattress creaked with his weight.  But they held.

Propping himself up on his elbow, he stared down at her.  “Take off your tunic.”

She did not move, another instinctive fighting of command.  Yet deliberate acquiescence took nothing from her.  She was unbroken, even in obedience.

She worked the clasps at her shoulders.  Yet they grasped at nothing.  The tunic was just as formless as she, and part of her, as well.  “I can’t.”

“Doesn’t matter.  That’s not where I would start.  No,” he murmured, half to himself, “the first thing I would do is take those ornaments from your hair.  I’d unpin them, and then I’d coil a lock of your hair around my finger.  It must feel like coarse silk, your hair.  Heavy, soft.  And it has a fragrance.  Spice and temple smoke.  I’d breathe that in, touching only your hair, watching it move as it falls over your shoulders.”

“I used to scent my bathwater with cassia,” she whispered.

A corner of his mouth tilted.  “Ah, I was right.  Spice.  But I’d touch your hair for only so long before I’d need to feel your skin.  Here, and here.”  He moved his finger to right beneath her ear, at the juncture of her neck, then down her throat to tarry at the hollow between her collarbones.  “Like velvet, your skin, and warm.”

She could not feel his touch, yet his words stroked her, drawing forth silken ribbons of sensation.  It stunned her.  She could not feel, and yet she did.

“I’d feel the beat of your heart,” he said, relentless.  “You’d respond to me.  That wouldn’t be enough, though.  I’d want your mouth.  To feel it against mine.  To taste you.  I’d start slowly, just little sips, the brush of my mouth against yours.  How silky your lips are, so full and ripe.  Your lips are made for kissing—did you know?  You might think they were for shaping the words for spells, or issuing commands to your trembling underlings, and they do those things very well, but their true purpose is in kissing me.  I’d show you that.  I’d kiss you deeper.  You’d taste of spice, too.”  He licked his lips and gave a small hum of pleasure.

By the gods, she could almost feel his kiss.

“There was a time when I loved nothing more than kissing,” he continued, almost conversational but for the depth of his voice and the blue fire in his eyes.  “Could do it for hours, and be satisfied.  Perhaps I’ll do that with you.  Kiss you until you melt in my mouth and I drink you in.”  His nostrils flared.  “Another time.  This kiss is a prelude.  I’d take my lips from yours and then I’d run them down your neck.  I’d bite you there, too.  My teeth just here.”  He circled the convergence of her neck and shoulder.  “Hard enough to leave a mark, so anyone who saw you would know exactly what happened.  They’d know that I bit you like a wolf claiming his mate.  The mighty priestess marked.  By me.”

An involuntary moan crept up her throat.  She could well imagine it—the gleaming flare of pleasure and pain, his hot breath upon her, the red indentations left by his teeth.  His audacious, animalistic marking.

“What if I threatened to turn you into an actual wolf?” she breathed.  “Transform you into a beast?  Would you be so impudent?”

He grinned savagely.  “I’d bite you harder.  Until you give in.”

“I never submit.”


SINNER’S HEART comes out April 2.

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