Inside the Writer’s Studio

No, I’m not going to bring this guy into the discussion:

For fun today, I thought I’d show you what my office looks like.  First, here’s my actual desk. It’s a child’s desk I bought at a thrift shop in Iowa City. It’s a little too small, but I’m also too attached to it to get another one.

And then there are my bookshelves. My husband Nico had to build me custom shelves because my research library was reaching ridiculous proportions and needed to be contained.

And because I’m a total and unrepentant dork/nerd when it comes to my research materials, the shelves are labeled, too, for easy reference.

Not shown in these pictures is Nico’s desk, his bookshelves, a giant beanbag, cats everywhere, and exercise equipment. It’s a little full in here.

So, in case you were wondering just where “the magic happened,” to employ that overused Cribs phrase, here it is!

And now that I’ve shared my workspace with you, I actually have to, you know, use it. For work.


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