Imbuing Your Writing With the Personal

Before I delve into the meat of my blog post, I just want to say that the reason why my posts have been so scarce is that I’ve been hard at work on the next NEMESIS, UNLIMITED novel, and had to make a choice: write the book, or write blog posts. So now you know why it’s been a little quiet here lately.

I try not to do too much self horn tooting, but I’ve been receiving extremely positive reviews on the latest (and last) ETHER CHRONICLES book, SKIES OF GOLD.  The book actually received an A- from the esteemed Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, and the reviewer said: “The only bad thing about this book is that it ends.” Wow! I was pretty floored by that review, and others that were very similar.

Skies of Gold CoverThe positive reviews have been something of a surprise for me, since I wasn’t certain about SKIES OF GOLD’s reception.  After all, while it’s definitely a steampunk romance, the steampunk elements are mostly in the background.  What the story is really about is two highly damaged people learning not only to trust each other, but accept themselves in the process.

This book is highly personal for me.  I wrote it during a time in my life when, like my characters, I was recovering from traumas and learning to overcome fear.  Sure, there are airships and ether rifles in the story, but mainly the narrative follows Kali and Fletcher on their personal journeys, and discovering love along the way.  And so far, it’s been one of my most well-received books.

There’s a lesson in here.  Writers often inhabit or put a little of themselves in their characters–even the villains exist somewhere in our subconscious.  But with Kali and Fletcher, I delved deep into my own personal experience, revealing much more of myself than I ever have before.  And maybe that’s why it’s been such an affecting book.  One of my readers is a rehab nurse.  She told me that she loved the portrayal of people learning to move on past trauma, and accept their changed bodies.  That, to me, is why I write.  To reach people and touch them, and maybe, just maybe, help them through their rough patches in life.

Recently, I got a new tattoo.  I only get tattoos at important junctures in my life, and this is what I had done:

bday tatA bird in flight. While it soars, it keeps its eyes on the ground, cautious and alert, but still in flight.  To me, this isn’t just the essence of SKIES OF GOLD, but my own journey–as a writer, and a person.




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