Dear Hollywood:

Please stop:

  • Killing naked ladies and/or ladies who like sex
  • Killing off the secondary characters who aren’t white
  • Making the protagonist of every film, regardless of setting, a white male
  • Making the protagonist of every romantic comedy a heterosexual, thin white woman
  • Making couples the same race
  • Failing to recognize that more than half the population in the United States is female
  • Casting white actors in film adaptations where the original characters are not white
  • Attributing films that don’t do well to the notion that film is “female-centric” or starred someone who isn’t white; Battleship did terribly, yet no one attributed its failure to Liam Neeson
  • Having ensemble casts in action films where there is one woman as part of the group and one person who isn’t white
  • Casting fantasy films with all white actors, unless they come from the “East”
  • Largely ignoring the existence of gay characters entirely, except if they provide comedic relief and/or dispense sage advice, all without ever being physically demonstrative with their partner
  • Giving us the same tired shit

No love,


(And this Zoe, too)


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  1. I’m a crazy mix. My family keeps marrying interesting people from far away places. A fair portion of the world is doing the same. Anthropologist have predicted that soon we’ll all look like “Brazilians” (I hope that pays out!) Hollywood has been wrong in the past, some idiot thought Clark Gable was too uncouth to play Rhett Butler and women would be turned off by his behavior. Clearly Hollywood can’t be trusted.
    I would love to see more diversity. When you mix things up you get synergy and something fresh. Some of my favorite new tall, dark and handsomes are coming from the Bollywood scene.